High Copy Plasmid Prep: 96well block format only.  $82/block for UC labs

We accept only Costar 3961 Culture block that is compatible with our instrument.

This service utilizes magnetic bead technology for high-throughput purification of plasmid DNA from E. coli. It works well for high plasmids.  For low copy plasmids, please see the special instruction below for growing the cultures.

Contact us the day before submitting your cultures to confirm that someone will be available to process your samples. We cannot accept culture blocks on the weekend.

To take advantage of this, you will need:

  1. 96-well 2.2 ml deep well culture block with gas permeable seal (pick these up in 310 Barker)
  2. Up to 95 samples (please reserve well A1 for our sequencing control).
  3. Cultures grown in 1mL of 2YT broth or Terrific broth with antibiotic in deep well culture block. 
  4. Start from either a single colony or a glycerol stock, and culture with shaking at 37 oC to mid or late log phase (16-20 hours).
  5. Please bring your culture block with your downloaded  Plasmid Prep Order Form to 310 Barker Hall.
  6. Once the plasmid prep is complete, we can perform the sequencing reaction for you.  Please indicate clearly which primer(s) you need us to use, and provide sufficient amount of 10μM concentration primer (unless it is one of our stock primers).
  7. Please email a copy of  dowloaded Full Plate Sequencing Form to

For Low Copy Plasmid Prep, please grow your culture in culture tubes using Terrific broth or 2YT broth + antibiotic (NO LB broth) with shaking  for 16-20 hours and transfer 2ml of the culture in a 96well block.

Genomic DNA Prep: 96well block format only.  $82/block for UC labs

Please contact Hitomi and/or Eileen directly to inquire and use Plasmid Prep Order Form.