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Single Tube Submission

Please follow these guidelines when preparing your samples:

Each sample tube (1.5ml tubes preferred) should contain one primer and one template at the quantities specified below:

  • ssDNA plasmid:  0.25μg DNA/5kb    + 2 pmol primer in 13 µl
  • dsDNA plasmid:  0.5μg DNA/5kb      + 8 pmol primer in 13 µl
  • PCR products:    2-4ng DNA/100bp  + 8 pmol primer in 13 µl

Please note that the values listed for the primer are quantities, not concentrations. 

If requesting one of our stock primers, put a large note in red on your order form, and submit samples in 10uL total volume.

Template: Please be sure that you do not have SALTS, PROTEIN, DETERGENTS, RNA, CHROMOSOMAL DNA, ETHANOL, or EDTA.

Quantify your products on an agarose gel or use a NanoDrop. Please let us know if your products are at a low concentration and/or are larger than 10kb.

Primers: Our default annealing temperature is 50oC.  Please let us know if this is not compatible with your primer(s).

Order forms can be filled out and printed from this web site by following the DNA Sequencing Order Form Download Link

Full Plate Submission

You may also submit samples in a 96-well plate. We charge per sample, so you don't pay for empty wells. Please keep well A1 empty for our positive control.

We prefer samples to be submitted in a specific type of plate:

  • Catalog#: 4ti-0770/c
  • Description: FrameStar 96, semi-skirted
  • To order, please contact Dennis Harte @ 510-882-0640 or
  • You may pick up these plates free of charge in 310 Barker
  • If you are shipping plates, please use very tight strip caps.

When submitting samples in a plate, the total volume per well should be 6µl that includes:

dsDNA plasmid: 250ng/5kb  + 4 pmol primer or PCR product: 20ng/1000 bp  + 4 pmol primer.

Please download the Full Plate Sequencing Order Form, e-mail us a copy and print a copy to include with your plate. 

When filling out the form, please keep the following in mind:

  • Sample names cannot have spaces, but may include the following:  -+.(){}_#
  • Sample names may be up to 35 characters long.
  • Indicate a unique plate name or barcode on the order form, and write it on the side of the plate

Large Templates

For templates larger than 10KB, please provide 1µg of template with 10pmol of primer in total volume of 13ul.

In addition, please write "Large  Template Protocol" in large print across the order form.

Templates with Secondary Structure

If you suspect that there may be a secondary strucure in your template, please indicate in BIG RED MARKER that you want "dGTP PROTOCOL"

dGTP protocol may also work with GC and GT-rich templates.

Cosmic, BAC, PAC, Fosmid

We are testing a new sequencing protocol for cosmid, BACs, PACs, and Fosmids.  We will sequence your sample for free of charge. If you have a  protocol you want us try, we will be happy to try it.

Please provide:

  • 5µg template with 30pmol of primer in total volume of 12ul.
  • Write the Tm of your sequencing primer on the order form.

Things to consider when preparing Cosmid, BACs, PACs and Fosmid for sequencing:

  • Template quality:  Avoid genomic DNA contamination by not allowing cells to remain in the lysis solution longer than the recommended time in the protocol.  Do not votex nor freeze your DNA.  Freshly prepped DNA gives better results.
  • Recommended kits: Qiagen Genomic-tip or Promega Wizard Genomic Kit

Sequending handbook

sequencing_handbook_FLR (pdf)